Our philosophy of transactional (or interactional) sustainability

Our newest business model is built around this concept of applying traditional ideology of sustainability to transactions and interactions. Just like it is not sustainable to continue using Earth’s resources without replenishing what we use, all interactions and transactions work the same way.

We feel business has become greedy and so many companies have policies and procedures designed solely for their benefit, ignoring the needs of the client. At Red Barn, we believe keeping everyone happy is possible through transactional sustainability: by aligning the interests of ALL the stakeholders to build trust and focus on productivity.

We seek to build long term sustainable relationships with our customers, where they count on us and see the value in our service. We feel in many ways traditional technology and creative services have become deceptive, with companies maximizing profit and delivering as little as possible.

Originally, technology providers sold batches of hours in which we were not making money unless our customers had problems they needed us to fix. The industry then moved toward monthly proactive managed services, which not only fixed the problems clients were having, but also actively worked to prevent future problems. However, this principle became exaggerated as tools and technology became more powerful. Now managed service providers (MSP's) make the most money when they deliver as little service as possible, and that just doesn't feel right or sustainable to us.

This is why Red Barn is moving toward a "hybrid" approach, where we deploy tools across all disciplines to keep you healthy, up to date and secure, but only charge you for our Expert Guidance on Demand (eGod) hours, when you run into problems and need us. This way when you are running smoothly in "maintenance" mode, costs are reduced. We want to help you make the best use of technology to reduce friction in your business as well as deploy tools and technology to automate tasks and make your overall business run smoother.

We then applied these IT principles to communication, web, marketing, branding, and social media to create a similar concept of a hybrid managed service across the whole business stack. Then we took it one step further and paired it with an incredible software suite called Odoo, that helps manage and communicate across this entire stack. We can’t wait to utilize this innovative business model and help your business become transactionally sustainable.

Commitment to Small Businesses

At Red Barn, we recognize the myriad challenges small businesses face in managing their digital and creative needs. Navigating these complex landscapes often involves juggling multiple aspects - from web development to effective branding. We are committed to alleviating these pain points by offering comprehensive, integrated solutions that simplify these processes. Our history of innovation, combined with a deep understanding of the unique needs of small businesses, positions us to provide impactful solutions, reducing friction and paving the way for your business's growth and efficiency.

  • Client-Centric Approach: We believe in empowering small businesses with custom design and technology solutions, previously available only to larger entities.
  • Simplifying Complexity: Our services are tailored to streamline complex business processes, making technology and design accessible and manageable.
  • Resilience and Adaptability: Our journey, marked by overcoming challenges and embracing growth, reflects our commitment to evolving with the needs of our clients.

Our History

Foundation and Growth (1996-2004): Red Barn Computers was established in 1996 with modest beginnings. It then expanded, moving to a larger location in 1999, and started collaborating with universities and the computational sciences in 2000. In 2003, a second location was opened, and in 2004, Red Barn began Red Barn HPC and acquired Hackerthreads

Expansion and Recognition (2005-2010): By 2005, Red Barn's Binghamton location moved to Kost Plaza, and in 2007 Hackerthreads joined this location. A notable milestone was becoming the largest Asus notebook retailer in 2008. Red Barn Technology Group started Vital IT, a Managed Services Provider, and was selected for a $2 million project by the U.S. Air Force

Resilience and New Facilities (2011-2020): Despite the devastating flood in 2011, Red Barn showed resilience, planning to purchase a facility for future growth. In 2013, they bought a facility at 37 Pine Street in Binghamton, NY, and completed massive renovations by 2014. Red Barn Computers transitioned to a CPR franchise, and 'Hackerthreads' was renamed to 'Red Barn Creative Team'. In 2020, Red Barn Creative Team acquired Muckles Ink, further expanding their capabilities

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