Many service providers operate under a fixed monthly fee structure that encompasses all services. However, this model can result in businesses paying for services that are never fully utilized or needed in any given month. Additionally, this creates an environment where the IT provider essentially makes the most money by delivering as little as possible. For this reason, Red Barn Vital IT has launched their ProAcive IT Hybrid Managed service. ProActive focuses on the core pillars of support, security, backup, and maintenance at a reasonable monthly cost. This service then pairs with our Expert Guidance on Demand, or "eGod" program, which allows the customer to have more input as to how services are consumed for everything not deemed "ProActive."  eGod hours offer a low cost per hour rate to complement tools put in place with Vital IT ProActive. eGod hours would be used for projects, improvements, planning, fixes, consulting, and workflow improvements only as needed. So unlike other providers, we don't "pack in hours" and hope you don't use them! Ultimately, this saves our clients from unnecessary expenses on high monthly fees, and it also realigns our interests to keep your systems running optimally, not minimally.

Our Comprehensive IT Services Include

Our key principle is the acknowledgment that the single biggest cost for any business is people! Hence, people are your valuable asset. Enhancing productivity at its core and driving efficiency allows us to deliver the greatest benefit to our clients. We seek to help clients improve efficiency through reduced friction with technology.

Many companies struggle with managing their IT infrastructure due to ongoing technological advancements, cybersecurity risks, inefficient support, and system downtime. These IT challenges often result in higher operational costs, decreased productivity, and an increased likelihood of data breaches. Red Barn's IT services are tailored to address these issues directly for small businesses. We offer expert management, strong security measures, and proactive support to ensure that your IT infrastructure becomes a strategic asset that propels your business forward.

  • Network Management: Ensuring reliable and secure network operations for seamless connectivity.
  • Data Security and Backup: Implementing robust security measures and backup solutions to safeguard your valuable data.
  • Hardware and Software Support: Providing support for a wide range of hardware and software, ensuring they are up-to-date and optimized for your needs.
  • Helpdesk and Technical Support: Offering prompt and effective solutions to all your technical queries and challenges.
  • Custom IT Solutions: Tailoring IT services to fit the unique requirements of your business.

Why Partner with Red Barn for IT Services?

At Red Barn, we ascribe to a philosophy we call "transactional sustainability," which means that to keep our relationship healthy, it needs to work for everyone involved. We take pride in offering leading-edge IT support that prioritizes simplicity and productivity. Our goal is to simplify the traditional IT landscape for our clients by guiding them towards a high-value, low-impact, hybrid cloud-based approach. We are dedicated to providing IT solutions that not only resolve present challenges but also pave the way for future opportunities. Let us take care of the technology while you focus on growing your business.

  • Proactive Approach: We anticipate and resolve issues before they become problems, minimizing downtime and maintaining productivity.
  • Expert Knowledge: Our team stays abreast of the latest technology trends, offering you cutting-edge solutions.
  • Customized Support: We understand that every business is unique, and our services are designed to meet your specific IT needs.
  • Seamless Integration: Our IT services integrate effortlessly with your overall business operations, enhancing efficiency and performance.

Red Barn Multiverse Integration

Simplification starts at the application level. The more you can standardize the applications, the simpler your IT becomes. Red Barn's IT services seamlessly integrate with Odoo's comprehensive suite of applications, enhancing operational efficiency and data management. This allows for streamlined workflows and centralized control, ensuring that your IT infrastructure aligns perfectly with Odoo's powerful business applications and tools.


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